Note To Self…

Looks like I need to take some the suggestions from readers about the way the blog looks and get those changes through ASAP.

First off, I shall need to go from a black to white background. Seems like its tough for some people to read what I rant about, and I know how inspiring my rants can be. Jokes aside, need to find a good, light background color, and a font to match it all.

Also, I got to do something about the clutter. Think I’ll get some extra sections in place to make the reading more fun, especially since I have begun to pen my thoughts about certain subjects with relative lucidity. See, I am already using big words!

Ah! I know, I’ll turn it into a rants vs lucid thoughts. That should do the trick.

If you have any other suggestions on how I can convert my site into a more reader-friendly place, do feel free to use the contact form below. It is after all just for you.