My Schedule Needs Organizing…

Its been a couple of weeks now that I’ve noticed how twisted my daily schedule has become. Between lectures, term papers and parties, my entire focus seems to have been divided between the first and the third.

End result – its close to submission time and I still haven’t got a proper synopsis jotted down for my paper. Oh the tragedy of it all!!

Now I’m not gonna deny that its freaking me out, but I don’t know if its because I haven’t yet decided on what I am going to write about or that I am expending much of time and energy writing here as opposed to that term paper notebook.

One thing’s for sure – I need to distribute my time more efficiently between class and parties… Did I say party? I meant research (insert totally innocent emoji here).

Okay, so I have not been allotting as much time as I should to academics, but then I am here regularly having an academic exchange with umm…the public. And that should count for something, right?

On that note, its time to stop ranting in here and go take care of that thing called a term paper. Later all you delinquents, I shall talk you all very soon.

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