Evolution Metallic Frame

Snuck into the big hall down the corridor today for a quick nap before the next lecture. Five minutes into my beauty sleep, I am woken by the incoming students. I think to myself, “I should have chosen a different room to nap”. But then, it’s a big room and I’m snuggly placed in the top corner, away from the glares of the students and more importantly the line of sight of the ‘prof’.

Just as I’m about to return to my much-deserved dreamland, the subject of the lecture echo in my ear, which was predominantly physiology related. However, it seemed a little different because this was supposed to be a mechanical engineering class. And that’s what caught my attention in the first place.

As I sat there listening to the prof go on about evolution of animals, and their bone structures, she was quick to introduce superheroes or mutants to be precise into the mix. And one particular mutant that she seemed awfully fond of was Wolverine, the man with the adamantium skeleton – Human body with a metal core skeleton which afforded the superhero with unimaginable regeneration and self-healing capability.

Then she went on to make the connection with animals and threw a hyperbole our way, ‘What if animals were to develop metal skeletons through a natural process of evolution’? It was an interesting albeit fantastical proposition but it seemed apt given that most prosthetic limbs and bone based corrective surgeries today employ the use of titanium and other alloys.

The contents of the lecture were quite fascinating but I haven’t had the time to reflect on it yet. Nevertheless, it seems like a pseudo-concept that needs considering. In fact, I think I’ll make another section for it and all such concepts going forward.

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