Cannabis As A Medicine…Now They Get It?!

Okay, so finally there is something worth writing about. A lecture by a resident research fellow was on cannabis (yaaay!!) but wait… it gets even better, the talk is on its medicinal properties.  How enlightening.

In America, cannabis has been treated like that kid you never take notice of because you think he’s up to no good. Maybe that’s why cannabis was quick to be grouped with heroine as a schedule-1 narcotic. Thankfully no one thought of putting it into Schedule-2 list with the likes of meth.

For the uninitiated, schedule-1 narcotics are deemed unfit of having any positive medical implications, and if there ever was a better example of jumping the gun for medical and pharma industries in the U.S. this was it. Because, when you start interacting with marijuana or cannabis on an academic level, you suddenly find the boy to be a genius!

You don’t have to allow marijuana for public consumption but for God’s sake, don’t just dump it out of medical research altogether. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that there wasn’t enough research on health benefits of cannabis or that the bulk of research for the past many decades has tried to demonize the plant.

And we haven’t even begun talking about the other applications of the plant. Yes, you know…those outside the realm of human ingestion and effects, such as for organic fertilizers, fiber content etc.

Out of the three dozen or more compounds identified in cannabis, there’s only THC that we have really attempted to understand (albeit in a botched manner) in that it produces psychedelic effect in the body. So, yeah, I for one wouldn’t be surprised if in the future our medical geniuses declare pot a medical marvel.

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