Cannabis And Painkiller Medications – A Good Cocktail For Alzheimer’s?

There has been massive research done in the field of palliative medications for Alzheimer’s and neurogenerative disorders, and one common element that seems to be working in most of these cases is cannabis.

Now, the THC component in cannabis has been approved by the FDA for treating nausea in cancer patients from chemo as well as anorexia for AIDS patients. Also, taking cue from lifestyles and palliative strategies from the east, researchers have been able to see the reductive effects of THC on neural degeneration in Alzheimer’s disease. However, there is a catch-22 situation here.

As explained by this 2013 article in Science Magazine, the understandable side-effects of marijuana for such patients (and anybody for that matter) is being stoned all the time. That means they cannot go to work or do their daily chores. This can be attributed to the suppression of a certain enzyme named COX2 by THX. Although it hasn’t been proved, researchers believe this to be the reason behind THX’s side-effects such as memory problems.

In order to counter this, studies done on mice have yielded interesting results with respect to the kind of medications that can be used with cannabis to cut down on the memory loss component. That medication includes anti-inflammatory as well as analgesics, or your regular pain-killers that you can get off the shelf at a pharmacy.

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